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Welcome to the RainwiseNet documentation Wiki. Here you will find all the information you need to get the most out of RainwiseNet and your RainWise weather station.

To get your data to RainwiseNet you will need a compatible RainWise weather station. Visit RainWise to see the latest available options.

Basic RainwiseNet/RainwiseNet Pro

Basic RainwiseNet is free and doesn't require a paid subscription. RainwiseNet Pro however gives you access to a variety of useful features and benefits. Graphs, reports, and alarms are included with a pro subscription. Graphs - Daily, weekly and monthly graphs for popular parameters. Custom graph option to select your own time period and up to two simultaneous parameters. Reports - Daily, Monthly and Yearly reports showing highs, lows and averages for each parameter. Reports can be exported and printed. Alarms - Configure high, low or rate of change alarms for most parameters. Receive notifications via email and or text message. Multiple alarms and multiple contacts are supported. We will continue to add and improve Pro features. They will become available as the are developed.

Purchasing a Pro Subscription - At this time we are offering annual subscriptions at $60 per year.

With the basic free version of RainwiseNet you may still download your weather data and export it to Excel. See the Download page for more information.

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