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In order to start sending data to RainwiseNet you will need to first register as a new user.

If you already have an account and you want to add another station you can do this from the settings menu in RainwiseNet.

To Register a New Station

You will now need to insert your contact information and details about your RainWise weather station and interface (i.e. IP-100, TeleMET, etc..).

It is important that your station information is correct as this can affect many of the RainwiseNet features.

If you enter something incorrect and would like to change it visit settings to edit your information.

Serial Number : This is the serial number of your sending device. This could be a IP-100 or TeleMET cellular interface. This is not usually your weather station serial number. You can find the serial number for an IP-100 and TeleMET on the bottom of the device.

MAC : Each sending device has a MAC address. The MAC address and serial number are paired on the RainwiseNet server. These two fields have to match the records on the server. Do not enter the MAC with dashes, periods, spaces,or the letter O, they are actually the number 0 (i.e. 0090C2E7BBA9). You can find the serial number for an IP-100 and TeleMET on the bottom of the device.

Model : Select a model from the list that is the closest match to your RainWise weather station.

Physical Location : This is a descriptive field, use it to identify where the station is installed. For example “Located on the East corner of the admin building”.

Address Fields : These are important. The server will attempt to resolve your latitude and longitude based on this street address. You can use the “Find Latitude and Longitude” link to force a check. You can manually override the latitude and longitude if necessary.

URL : Every station gets its own unique URL (web address). The address will always start with “” You can choose what comes after this. For example the RainWise factory station is at In the URL field only enter the last part of the URL, like “rainwise” in our address. As these are unique addresses you will not be able to use a name that already exists.

Title : The title is used on your weather page and in other places to name your station.

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