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Current Weather

The current weather page is your weather home page. From here you can access all of the RainwiseNet features and pages. You can access this page either by logging into theRainwiseNet home page or entering your station URL that you created in the registration process.

The weather page provides the following information:

Current Weather Conditions


The current weather conditions section of this page shows the latest available weather conditions from the weather station. As well as current conditions, most parameters will also show daily highs, lows or totals. The time of the last recorded weather observation is shown on the right hand side of the menu bar.

Weather parameters are dynamically generated. This means that the items displayed match the sensors installed on the weather station. Please note: It is important that the correct sensors are enabled in the settings page for them to display.

The almanac displays the current moon phase, sunrise and sunset times. The weather stations latitude and longitude values must be correct for the almanac to be accurate. You can adjust your location in the settings page if necessary.

4 Day Weather Forecast

The 4 day weather forecast is provided by Weather Underground. The forecast is based on the station zip code.

Station Information

The station information area is a small text area where you can provide information about your weather station. This area can be edited in the Weather Page Settings under the “Settings” tab of your RainwiseNet. You can use simple text or more descriptive HTML. This area now has full HTML support allowing you to create hyper links. You can even link to a web cam image. You are however limited to 2048 characters.

Satellite-Radar Image

The current Radar/Satellite image is provided by Weather Underground. It is useful in watching approaching rain/snow fronts. Radar is the default selection but doplar radar is not available in all locations. You have the option of selecting satellite images for these locations. Both visible and infrared images. Select your desired choice in the settings page under “Radar/Satellite” in the weather station information section.

User Photos

User photos provides a way for you to share photos of your station and surroundings. To add photos log into your account and go to the settings page. From the menu select “MY PHOTOS”. You can then select name and upload photos.

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