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 ======Alarms====== ======Alarms======
-{{:add_alarm.jpg?300 |}}    +{{:alarm.png?200 |}}
-The "​Alarms"​ tab of your weather page is used for setting alarms on the sensor of your choice. ​ Multiple alarms can be created. Click "​Add"​ under Alarms for your station to add an alarm. ​  +
-Multiple people can be selected to receive a certain alarm. A variety ​of formats ​is also available to receive ​the alarms ​in. You can receive notifications via email or text message (or both) by setting it up in the Alarm Subscribers sectionThe RainwiseNet user can select the format that each receiver would like to receive the notification in.+The "​**Alarms**"​ tab of your weather page is used for setting alarms on the sensor of your choice. ​ Multiple ​alarms can be createdClick "​Add"​ under Alarms for your station ​to add an alarm  ​
-When the sensor trips based on the alarm settings, it will document it in the Alarm Log section near the bottom of the page+**Alarms Subscribers** 
 +Here you can add multiple subscribers to receive either email or SMS ( Text ) notifications.  ​When choosing SMS messaging you will need to provide your Cellphone carrier and number. There will be a drop down menu to choose your carrier from. Data rates my apply. Check with your local Cellphone provider for these rates.
-The alarms are still being worked on and refined. They are currently processed every 10 minutes. ​  ​+ 
 +The alarms are still being worked on and refined. They are currently processed every 15 minutes. ​ 
 +{{ :​alarms.png|}} 
 ---- ----
-**Next Page:** [[Reports|Reports]] \\ **Previous Page:** [[Graphs]] ​+**Next Page:** [[Reports|Reports]] \\ **Previous Page:** [[Graphs]] ​===== 
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