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-A few troubleshooting steps can be taken if you’re having issues with your device sending information to RainWiseNet. ​ 
-If you are having trouble viewing your data on your weather webpage, refer to the [[internal_web_page|Internal Web Page]] to gain direct access to your device. ​   
-=====Resetting an IP-100===== 
-  - Unplug and re-boot your device.  ​ 
-  - Plug your device back in to the power source while pressing and holding the reset button.  ​ 
-  - The three main lights on the right will light. ​ Continue holding the reset button until these lights go out (approximately 10 seconds) then release the button. ​ 
-This procedure clears the password and static settings re initializing the DHCP.      ​ 
-Do NOT unplug for at least 10 minutes.  ​ 
-=====Product Support===== 
-Product support can be found at [[http://​​support/​|RainWise Support]] or at the bottom of your products web page on [[http://​|RainWise]]. Documents are available here along with frequently asked questions. ​ If your support inquiry is not resolved by troubleshooting or our product support, you may wish to contact RainWise. ​   ​ 
-=====Contact Information===== 
-RainWise Inc. \\ 
-18 River Field Road 
-Trenton, ME 04605 USA \\ 
-Phone: (207) 288-5169 \\                    
-Toll Free: (800) 762-5723 \\ 
-Online: [[http://​​| RainWise]] \\ 
-Contact Form:  [[http://​​about/​contact| RainWise Contact Form]] \\ 
-\\ **Previous Page:** [[Internal Web Page]] ​ 
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