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A few troubleshooting steps can be taken if you’re having issues with your device sending information to RainwiseNet.

If you are having trouble viewing your data on your weather webpage, refer to the Internal Web Page to gain direct access to your device.

Resetting an IP-100

  1. Unplug and re-boot your device.
  2. Plug your device back in to the power source while pressing and holding the reset button.
  3. The three main lights on the right will light. Continue holding the reset button until these lights go out (approximately 10 seconds) then release the button.

This procedure clears the password and static settings re initializing the DHCP. Do NOT unplug for at least 10 minutes.

Product Support

Product support can be found at RainWise Support or at the bottom of your products web page on RainWise. Documents are available here along with frequently asked questions. If your support inquiry is not resolved by troubleshooting or our product support, you may wish to contact RainWise.

Contact Information

RainWise Inc.
18 River Field Road Trenton, ME 04605 USA
Phone: (207) 288-5169
Toll Free: (800) 762-5723
Online: RainWise
Contact Form: RainWise Contact Form

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