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SprayWise™ is a unique, cutting-edge application that gives the agricultural grower local, online information on the effect of plant protection products (PPPs) in relation to their crops, their growth stages, and current weather and soil conditions. This allows you to save money and achieve the highest protection efficacy.

SprayWise™ is purchased in bundles of three crops, which you select from the hundreds of crops we have on file based on your location. You also select up to three PPPs for each crop. Crop and PPP selection can be changed at any time, and their efficacies and near-future disease risks can be compared graphically. Multiple bundles of 3 can be purchased for virtually unlimited crop and protection data.


SprayWise™ is a novel product that gives you local, online information on the effect of PPPs in relation to current crop conditions and weather.

SprayWise™ uses the local weather from your RainWise weather station in combination with a local forecast as input for SprayWise™ calculations.

  • The service includes data for every major crop in the US.
  • The service includes almost all PPPs that are registered in the US for a particular crop.
  • The service calculates weather conditions where the weather station is located, within the crop on which selected PPPs will act.
  • With SprayWise™ you can save on the number of PPP applications and thus be friendlier to the environment.
  • With SprayWise™ you can save money while achieving the same or perhaps higher crop yield.
  • Because you enter your crop's specific stage and soil moisture, SprayWise™ results are customized to your exact local conditions


Here you can hand select up to three different types of crops to monitor. The crops you choose are region specific to your location. For each crop you have chosen there are diseases and agents you can than apply to watch and monitor for.

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